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Immunize For Good

Every parent deserves to know the truth about vaccinations. But this day and age, it's hard to tell what that is. So we're just gonna lay it on the line: The choice to immunize is for the good of your child. When they're safe and protected, they can get out there and be kids—learn, live, experience, enjoy. Plus, immunization is an important choice you make for good. Once and for all. For their whole, entire, livelong lives. Now is every parent's time to respect the facts, protect our children, and ask ourselves, "You good?" And as immunization rates increase, and Colorado becomes a strong, united front of protected, healthy kids, we'll have the answer we're all hoping for. "Yeah, we're good."

This website is made possible by a joint project of the Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition and the Colorado Immunization Branch at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. These organizations work to further childhood immunization coverage in Colorado through education, vaccine provider resources and parental support.